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Conscious living

At Strains, we live by the tenet ‘Clothing has the power to change lives’. The lives of everyone who is a part of clothing journey-farmers, spinners, weavers, printers, tailors, designers and many more who have tirelessly worked on what we wear. Strains provide a conscious clothing design studio dedicated to wellness, ethical practices, being organic, handloom heritage, simplicity and beauty. Our mission is to create conscious sustainable fashion where we are taking care of our environmental cost and not passing it on to the future. We create clothing using organic raw materials without polluting the environment. At Strains, we create clothing to touch the soul instead of just touching the body. We create clothing to make you feel healthy instead of just feeling you comfortable. The main motto of the company is to produce natural, sustainable and fashionable clothing merchandise. Let’s all do our bit in saving this beautiful planet and producing organic materials. It’s time to incorporate organic clothing in your wardrobe!

Back to basics: Why organic clothing is a MUST

While the concept of eating organic food isn’t new to us, many of us understand why organic food is good for our health; many of us don’t know why putting organic clothing is equally important. It’s time that we understand the value of going to basics and implement the traditional ways of eating and (creating) clothing.

Hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive ears earrings plated in rose gold,white gold,black gold,gold great choice for your daily wearing.

Why you should go for organic clothing
Organic fabric is free of harmful chemicals
Promotes farming that creates healthy soil, minimizes soil erosion and reduces health risks
Organic materials are hypoallergenic due to their chemical-free production, so they’re kind to your body, especially if you’re someone with sensitive skin.

Slow Fashion

We believing in slow fashion.

We believe in creating garments for longevity and quality

We believe in lower carbon footprints and zero waste

We believe in saving the environment and lastly,

Fair wages ☺