All Gutsy people!! Are you all thirsty for fashion? Because it is ever been constant, neither you nor me.

Strains is an Indian organic clothing company founded in January 2019. Owned by Govindu Naga Praharsha and Pavan Kodimela, we manufacture the clothing products for both genders which are delivered all over India.




A Trendy Route to Organic Fashion!


We are concerned about the environment and its natural produce. Our nature has been giving us an impact lifestyle, so it is solely responsible for us to give something back.


Hence, our return gift to nature is an organic style of clothing for the individuals who curiously look for a change in fashion. We bring everyone together through mix & match of traditional greens, stylish fabrics and contemporary approaches to clothing.


How it All Started?

The concept of Strains started to produce organic products that feel comfortable & native when worn. 

Vast Modern Designs

It doesn’t mean we don’t experiment on designs, we will always produce vast modern designs with organic, natural materials which eventually results in the best of a quality product. We offer affordable organic clothing categorized into women’s organic clothing and men’s organic clothing. 

Eco-friendly Clothing

Being Eco-friendly has a wide audience as it is creating a trend where the manufacturing happens without pesticides, harmful chemicals & bleaches. We follow the process of fair trade clothing. 

Go for a timeless fashion!

The sustainable fashion is getting revolutionized into best-transformed ethics, so are we. If you are wondering where to buy organic clothing, you can land right to Strains!  It is obtained from Eco-friendly resources and sustainable fiber crops and recycled materials. 

How Strains is Different?

Made with love for the organic planet, love for fellow beings, eye for good design. Strains uplift harmonious culture of people and nature with its own kind of fashion rules. The clothes are light to wear and breathable.. We use traditional skills backed by modern technology.






Handcrafted & Woven Fabrics

Aim, Vision & Mission

Strains is about producing quality clothing merchandise at a very reasonable price, the materials we use to develop the final product are all-natural.

We focus on Teenagers to working professionals.

You all got some sand in you, and so bail out into the world of  Check out the new designs from Strains. Have some yearn, crave and lust for your look.