The Fabulous Comeback of Sustainable Fashion!

November 06
The Fabulous Comeback of Sustainable Fashion!

What was with the early sustainable fashion?

The history of fashion in India is evolving with new developments and even there are major comebacks that are owning its magnificent space.

If we look into the past, sustainable fashion has spread its word in the 1940s, during World War. From then on, it took a few decades to become a global phenomenon.

By the late 1980s, early 1990s,  the world has come to know about sustainable fashion with well-known companies such as Patagonia and Esprit who have introduced sustainable fashion as a part of their business. 

The weavers were into action who have used natural materials and dyes to provide handmade clothing. The industrialization has led to mass production, reducing the cost of clothing by using synthetic fibers. 

Curious Move to Older Style

There has been a curious and bold move to return to the older style of production where organic fashion was responsible. It has risen with the use of handwoven fabrics, natural materials and dyes, and recycling with zero-waste production, good working conditions, and fair payment.

Fair Trade Movement

The fair trade movement has started then, focusing on transparency and accountability, elimination of child and forced labor, gender equality, fair working conditions and payment and concern towards the environment.


Recycling is the most efficient way of sustainable fashion. To recover, collect, waste, extract, decompose are its highlights. The more effective methods are used to collect old clothes that bring more value to sustainable fashion.


It has become today’s notion that scientists, actors and musicians and everyone who are part of modern living accept that sustainability in terms of production to consumption or daily life needs like clothes, textiles, and accessories is a simple way to save our planet.

We can’t say that we are completely sustainable but are still experimenting. We should opt for natural fibers, dyes, and ethically apt manufacturing processes.

How to Add Sustainable Tag to your Everyday Clothes?

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