How to Add Sustainable Tag to your Everyday Clothes?

November 07
How to Add Sustainable Tag to your Everyday Clothes?

 Can we call sustainability a new fashion? 

Yes, it is very new and buzzing everywhere..  Apart from food, clothes do affect our environment. So, running behind green fashion is inspiring and much more experimental. Here are some simple ways that you can follow a healthy shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Search for Sustainable brands

Go shopping when you are really in need. Search for authentic sustainable brands with proper certifications, so that your shopping helps to save the planet.

Invest in Organic Clothes

Strains recommend you to invest in the clothes or spend money on clothes to use them all around the year. But, investing in what you wear multiple times can be a lot more beneficial. For the eco-friendly dressing, minimal is more. Jeans, t-shirts and classic dresses seen through all the seasons make most of the sustainable wardrobe.

Get it Altered or a revamp

When any outfit is too long, loose or tight.. immediately, we look for trash just to dump it... Is it so? But that is really sad. Spend time with your favorite outfits to get them altered or think about the different ways to revamp them. You can do it all by yourself if you are aware of or else a good tailor can make a cool transition to your dress!

Donate clothes

Do your clothes became old or not interested to wear even after altering or revamping it?  Then, donate them. It is a fact that dumping nylon clothes take 40-50 years to decompose. So, every time you buy something new, donate another pair from your wardrobe. This makes you happy too seeing the needy smile!

Quality Makeover than Quantity

The highest number of sustainable clothes saves the earth than a bulk of less eco-friendly clothes and this implies the relation between fashion & environment. Choose our men’s collection for a quality outlook and you are no way turns back.

The Fabulous Comeback of Sustainable Fashion!
The Fabulous Comeback of Sustainable Fashion!
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The Fabulous Comeback of Sustainable Fashion!

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