History of Hemp clothing!

November 13
History of Hemp clothing!

Strong Natural Fibre

The Hemp is the first plant grown by humans for religious purposes and dates back to 6000 BC. Hemp is a highly sustainable fiber with a backdrop of the Cannabis Sativa family. It is a plant that grows like a weed and eliminates harmful pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and usually requires less water than most crops. Hemp fabric absorbs carbon dioxide and relives nutrients back into the soil.

Hence, it can only be cultivated for industrial purposes like food, shelter, and clothing. 

Let’s Get Into its Origin

It happened that, the archeologists found parts of hemp cloth in Iraq, woven around 8000 BC.

The Europeans were aware of this material in 1,200 BC  that has led to its fast spread in the continent. Even the Chinese knew about Hemp clothing and its uses as when we look at it from a microscope, the legendary Chinese emperor Shen Nung taught his citizens to cultivate Cannabis sativa and to weave clothing out of it in 2700 BC.

Today, the country has the longest history of hemp cultivation in around 6000 years.

How Was it Made?

Hemp fabric is 62% more durable than cotton. 

Firstly, it undergoes traditional processing that includes water-retting where the fiber is separated from the core by hand using special crushing and brush rollers.  Later, the fiber is spun and woven into a piece of organic clothing.

Different ways Hemp can be used

Hemp fabric is used in different ways that serve various needs-

  • Apparel
  • Textiles
  • Sacil canvas and ropes
  • Teks
  • Paper
  • Food (oil and seeds)
  • Building

What are the Hemp Benefits?

  • Protects your skin naturally with UV light filter
  • Hemp carries 4 times stronger than cotton
  • Hemp saves water while it uses 1/20 amount of water
  • Hemp feels skin soft, every time you wear

What are Hemp Products?

Hemp includes cannabis plant varieties that are cultivated for fiber, seeds, and oils.

Crop of Wonders!

Hemp is an eco-friendly, sustainable fiber-producing plant that emerged on the planet. It is known to be a miraculous and fastest-growing crop found in the soil.

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